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Upgrading the list templates from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 is not simply a straight forward task especially if you have thousands of Site collections within a web application. Either you have to manually upgrade them by hand or using some PowerShell to upgrade them. Even if you upgrade them using PowerShell, there is no way to automatically upload (the upgraded template) them back to the site collections where they belong to:


My PowerShell code perform all 4 tasks

  1. Get a URL to a certain Web application in SharePoint environment (Specify the URL in Config.xml)
  2. Try to find all List Templates within all site collections and download them all on the disk (in their separate folders i.e. for each site collection a separate folder is created)
  3. Upgrade the List templates using the PowerShell
  4. Upload them back to their original site collections

Additional information and documentation can be found on my blog

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